A Change

I’m making a change: I’m going to start posting even less on this blog than I already do.  Here’s why:

  • I don’t like the narcissistic “Hey look at me!” aspect of this blog
  • This blog is usually not up to date, which results in a nagging guilt in the back of my mind.  It’ll be nice to let that go.
  • I don’t think anyone I know reads this blog regularly, and I don’t see much point in communicating the details of my life to faceless ghosts on the internet.  Does the internet actually care to hear all about my experience learning to swing dance last month?  I don’t think so.
  • Most of my time at work and too much of my free time is spent staring at a computer screen.  I’d like to reduce my screen time.

I will continue to write occasional blog posts, but with these conditions:

  1. I’ll only write a a few bullet points about most of my monthly projects.  And I’ll write about multiple months in a single blog post.  I think I’ll aim for doing an update roughly every 6 months, containing short bullet points for each monthly project.
  2. I’ll write longer blog posts only if I think they’ll benefit readers, or if I think writing will help me to clarify my own thoughts (it has in the past) , or if I feel a strong urge to write about some topic.

Since I’m writing a blog post right now, I might as well do an update on my latest projects.  Here goes: [Read more...]

2 Months of Living in Bali

Gili Air Sunset

Sunset on a small island called Gili Air. Those mountains in the background are on Bali.

I’ve already written an article on another blog explaining some aspects of my experience in Bali, so I’ll keep this one short. First, a few more photos:

Monkey in Uluwatu

Monkey in the south of Bali.

[Read more...]

A Month of Dictating Instead of Typing (using Dragon)

I’m not typing this.

I’m dictating it using software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

I started using Dragon at the beginning of March, and my plan was to dictate absolutely everything for the month and type nothing, if I could. Although dictating everything may have been possible, I discovered quickly that that’s not the most effective way to use Dragon. More on that soon.

Cool Stuff About Dragon

  • It’s faster than typing, so it saves time while also giving my fingers a break. I type fast, but not as fast as I talk. Dragon lets me enter text into my computer as fast as I can talk.
  • It’s as accurate as (maybe more accurate than) typing. Dragon does make mistakes, but I also make mistakes when I’m typing.
  • It learns! It learns not only to recognize the way that I talk, but it also learns non-dictionary words that I use. For example, for work I often use phrases like “Time Doctor”, and and Dragon has learned to start both words with uppercase letters and spell out the word “Doctor” instead of using “Dr.”

How I use Dragon

I’ve found the most efficient way to use Dragon to be: [Read more...]