A Month of Writing to my Brother

Bay of Fundy Coast

Scenery near where my brother lives (I took this when visiting him about a month after we finished writing to each other).

Last Christmas, a gift that I received from one of my brothers was an offer to do one of my upcoming month projects with me. I accepted, and we did something together in April.

Since my brother lives a 16 hour drive from me, it had to be something that didn’t require us to be in the same location. My brother had a few other conditions also, one of them being that what we decided to do couldn’t affect his family (he was volunteering only himself – not them also).

Here’s the list of ideas that we came up with together: [Read more...]

A Month of Singing

Black 3D Music NoteI’ve never been able to carry a tune, and have always been terrified of anyone hearing me sing. Those facts, along with some of my experiences at the Inner Journey Seminar, made me decide to take singing lessons for the month of March.

Near the beginning of the month I recorded this video on a karaoke website to document where I was at at the time (I know, it’s pretty bad, but looking back I actually did alright with hitting some of the notes in the chorus!): [Read more...]

A Month of ? And a New Schedule

Schedule IconUnfortunately, for reasons that I can’t explain, I can’t explain what my official “month project” was for January.

So instead, I’ll explain something else that I did in January: I changed my work schedule. That may not sound exciting, but it significantly improved my quality of life.

I’ve been working from home for years, and with the exception of occasional meetings or emergencies, I have complete freedom over when I work.  I’ve never [Read more...]

A Month of Reading My Mother’s Books

My Mom’s Books

For the past 10 years, my Mom has been writing books. Until November, I’d never read any of them, except for a rough draft of her first one about 10 years ago.

The reason I’d never read any is because I thought it would be weird. I imagined that it would be like watching a movie in which your good friend was an actor… where you couldn’t take the movie seriously because you know that the actor is really just your friend, and that he’s faking it. Similarly, I thought that knowing the author of a novel would prevent me from taking the story seriously. And I thought it would be especially awkward if my mother wrote in a style that was different from how she spoke.

Let me kill the suspense: [Read more...]

A Month of Getting Things Done (GTD)

My first GTD In-Basket

This mess was my first “in-basket” (refer to stage 1 below). It included everything in my physical environment that wasn’t exactly how it should be, where it should be, forever, as well as everything in my mind that I will/may need/want to deal with someday.

In October, I read and applied David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done“.

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a system for getting things done as efficiently as possible while maintaining a clear relaxed mind.

The book is divided into three sections. The first section (~80 pages) is mostly a waste of time. It consists of rambling theory that could easily be condensed into 8 pages or less without any loss of real content. The rest of the book (sections 2 & 3) explain how the GTD system actually works and how to apply it.

I won’t get into the details of how the GTD system works, but here are the basic stages: [Read more...]