A Month of Freezer Cooking

Freezer cooked food in jars

My first batch of food. From left to right, the foods are: granola, cabbage salad, mushroom soup, fish scampi, moroccan stew

Preparing food isn’t one of my favorite activities.

So to reduce the amount of time I spend cooking, I decided to try cooking large batches of food in advance and freezing it.

I did this for the month of April by preparing food once a week at most, and freezing a lot of what I prepared.

I loved not having to think about what to eat or spending time preparing food on the other days.

I cheated

Just a little. [Read more...]

A Month of a Morning Routine

For February I decided to start every morning with a standard routine. The idea was that if I started the day on the right foot (rather than by grabbing my phone and checking my email) I’d be more likely to spend the rest of the day on the right feet also.  Long story short: it worked. I found that the morning routine helped me to have a more clear mind and to be more effective throughout the day.

Care to see the morning routine that I came up with, and am still doing most mornings?  Here what it is currently (with a couple steps left out): [Read more...]

A Month of Growing Food

Rows of Seedlings on Jan 10

My plants on Jan 10. From left to right, the rows are: Quinoa (except the farthest plant which is Kale), Kale, Broccoli, Garlic, Chia, Lentils, Tomatoes. I planted the Quinoa and Kale on Jan 3, and the rest on Jan 5

In January I decided to try growing some food in my apartment. I thought it would be fun, healthy, and better for the environment than buying food at the store.  It turned out to be fun (although far more work than I’d expected), healthy (but expensive), and not nearly as environmentally friendly as I’d hoped.  Let me share some more photos and then I’ll explain a bit more about the environmental piece.

Jan 15 Sprout Tray

A tray of sprouts on Jan 15. That tall stuff on the left is wheat grass. Wheat grass was the king of the sprouts.  I didn’t continue with sprouts because they were small, boring, and didn’t taste great.

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A Month of Podcasting

The Green Podcast Logo

A while ago someone suggested to me that I needed a new “challenge” to which I could apply myself.

I wanted something that would be primarily a mental/psychological challenge – something that would push me outside my comfort zone and make me grow.  I decided that hosting a podcast was definitely outside my comfort zone, but not so far outside that I’d necessarily botch it completely.

So I started The Green Podcast which was (and is) a challenge, and has the benefit of being about a topic that I’m happy to spend my energy on. It’s the type of podcast which, if done well, I’d like to listen to myself.

I was very nervous recording the first episode, and a bit less nervous for each of the next 2 (have only recorded 3 episodes as of this writing). [Read more...]

A Month of Thinking Positive

Mr Happy - thinking positiveIn September I did 2 new things (kundalini yoga, and thinking positive), which I suppose makes up for June when I did nothing new.

There are 2 reasons why I tried to think positive for a month:
1. I’d been feeling down and wanted to change that
2. I’d been having a hard time implmenting a technique that I’d learned for dealing with the self-critical voice in my head.

A few months ago, I learned a technique called “thought stopping” for dealing with the self-critical voice in my head (which I’ll refer to as “the critic”). Thought stopping has a few steps:

  1. Recognizing when the critic is “attacking” me
  2. Consciously stopping the attack
  3. Replace the critic’s message with a more constructive message that I’d come up with ahead of time
  4. Returning to a state of relaxation

There’s more [Read more...]