A Month of The Mankind Project

The Mankind Project LogoIn early November I went on a personal development weekend for men put on by The Mankind Project (MKP).   I also attended a men’s group meeting run by MKP for the rest of the month, and have continued attending it up until now.

Why I Did The Weekend

I did it because I’d met 3 people over the past year (one was my therapist) who had done it and they’d all found it worthwhile & recommended it to me, and because I was aware that I had (& still have) a lot of growing to do.

The New Warrior Training Adventure

The weekend itself, called the “New Warrior Training Adventure” was an intense and active and experiential weekend that was run by a staff of strong, compassionate, dedicated men.

I can’t explain in any detail what happens, because it would in some way ruin the experience for men who haven’t completed it yet (spoilers), but there’s an explanation of the general agenda on the MKP website here.

I think it’s important for men to do work on ourselves within a group of men.  There’s also value for men to do personal development work with women (hence the second half of the Inner Journey Seminar), but for me at least, there’s also value in having no women around at times.

What I Got From The Weekend

It was a worthwhile weekend – I’m glad I did it – I stretched and grew – and I’d recommend it to most men.

During the weekend I made some progress towards experiencing and accepting both the soft and the powerful parts of myself, and also towards resolving/healing some of my inner issues (I’ve got a ways to go… but I made some progress). This was progress that I could not make entirely on my own. I’m learning that inner work can’t all be done alone – it seems to require interpersonal interaction. Meditation & positive thinking & reading books & even pushing my boundaries all by myself in the real world are helpful & even necessary, but aren’t enough. Deep interpersonal interaction is required also, or at least that’s my impression at this point.

My Continued Involvement

Since the weekend ended, I’ve been participating in a weekly I Group (short for “Integration Group”) meeting which I consider to be one of the most important parts of my week. The I Group is a group of men who either have done or will be doing the training weekend, and we meet to connect, support each other, and help each other grow.

I’d recommend The Mankind Project to any man who wants to grow, is open to new experiences, and has the balls to confront and deal with his inner issues.


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    Not worth it! Only needy men or Addis go here men who have no sense of chivalry integrity character honor! Stay away! They were sued for suicides you want to join them?

  2. says

    Yes, my brother joined this cult last fall and committed suicide this past weekend. I strongly believe they took advantage of someone vulnerable and weak, and made him feel like nothing. I cannot believe he got sucked into this type of group, and am still reeling.

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