A Month of Reading My Mother’s Books

My Mom’s Books

For the past 10 years, my Mom has been writing books. Until November, I’d never read any of them, except for a rough draft of her first one about 10 years ago.

The reason I’d never read any is because I thought it would be weird. I imagined that it would be like watching a movie in which your good friend was an actor… where you couldn’t take the movie seriously because you know that the actor is really just your friend, and that he’s faking it. Similarly, I thought that knowing the author of a novel would prevent me from taking the story seriously. And I thought it would be especially awkward if my mother wrote in a style that was different from how she spoke.

Let me kill the suspense: it wasn’t weird, and knowing the author wasn’t a problem.

My Mom has had three books published, and has more on the way. Here’s a brief review of the three published books:

“A Whisper In My Heart”

This novel is based on the true story of my mother’s own move from Hungary to Canada as a young girl, and the difficulties she experienced trying to fit into an entirely new culture. This book made me feel like I know my mother a bit better, and I think it would be valuable for any child to read also. Children often seem to reject those who are different from themselves, and I think this book could help transform that rejection into compassion. And for children who have a hard time fitting in, I think it could give them hope. I think it would be great if this book eventually got re-written and re-published using the improved writing style of my Mom’s later books.

“Guardian Angel House”

This novel based on the true story of my Grandmother and her sister, and their experience as young Jewish girls being hidden in a convent for months during the Holocaust in Hungary. The fact that I know the two main characters made the novel even more interesting. As with the first book, this one made me feel like I know the main characters better in real life. It was selected as required reading for children in schools across the province a few years ago.

“Canadian Converts”

My Mom is one of many authors who contributed to “Canadian Converts”, which is a compilation of conversion-to-Catholicism stories. I just read my Mom’s portion of this book. Although her reasons for converting don’t work for me (I’m not religious), her story was interesting and well written. I also learned a few things that I hadn’t known before… for example, I learned that she and my Dad broke up twice (for months each time) before they eventually decided to tie the knot – who knew!

You can visit my Mom’s website here – she has more books coming.

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