A Month of Podcasting

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A while ago someone suggested to me that I needed a new “challenge” to which I could apply myself.

I wanted something that would be primarily a mental/psychological challenge – something that would push me outside my comfort zone and make me grow.  I decided that hosting a podcast was definitely outside my comfort zone, but not so far outside that I’d necessarily botch it completely.

So I started The Green Podcast which was (and is) a challenge, and has the benefit of being about a topic that I’m happy to spend my energy on. It’s the type of podcast which, if done well, I’d like to listen to myself.

I was very nervous recording the first episode, and a bit less nervous for each of the next 2 (have only recorded 3 episodes as of this writing).

Podcasting Activites

I didn’t expect that I’d spend so much time on activities other than actually recording the episodes. It was a big job to set up the website initially, and on top of that I think I’ve spent about 10 hours on each episode. I spend a lot of time:

  • Finding people to interview and contacting them to set up interviews
  • Preparing for the interview by doing research so that I’ll be able to ask intelligent questions
  • Editing the podcast
  • Publishing the podcast
  • Promoting the podcast

So for the ~1 hour that it takes to record an episode (which is the actual “challenge”), I spend about 9 hours on non-challenging activities that I’d rather not do. Most of those non-challenging activities involve staring at a screen, and I do NOT need more screen-staring in my life. So I’m currently trying to hire someone to take care of most of those activities.

I found this article by Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com to be a huge help in getting started with the podcast.

If you listen, I hope you like it

If you listen to the podcast and think it’s worthy, I’d appreciate it if you’d rate it 5 stars on iTunes – that will help me build the audience.

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