A Month of Freezer Cooking

Freezer cooked food in jars

My first batch of food. From left to right, the foods are: granola, cabbage salad, mushroom soup, fish scampi, moroccan stew

Preparing food isn’t one of my favorite activities.

So to reduce the amount of time I spend cooking, I decided to try cooking large batches of food in advance and freezing it.

I did this for the month of April by preparing food once a week at most, and freezing a lot of what I prepared.

I loved not having to think about what to eat or spending time preparing food on the other days.

I cheated

Just a little.  I did do some minimal food preparation on other days during the week, but just enough to allow me to have some fresh raw vegetables which I think are healthy.

Example: I’d make 90% of a lentil salad in advance and freeze it, but then when it came time to eat it I’d slice up a few tomatoes and throw them in, and I’d also pick some of the dill and basil that’s growing in my bedroom and chop that up and throw it in also.  So I was doing a small amount of preparation during the week so that I could eat fresh plants, but it just took a few minutes.

How I chose what foods to make

I had a few requirements.  The foods that I made had to be:

Those requirements limited my options considerably, but I’m quite satisfied with the foods I made, and I’m sure there are more out there.


Are you wondering why in the photograph I’m using glass jars rather than the the plastic freezer bags that most people use?  It’s because the jars are better for the planet.  I can re-use them indefinitely, and if they do break they can be recycled into new glass jars.

Oh, and are you wondering why the mason jar lids are on upside down?  It’s because the bottoms of the lids (which I’ve turned into the tops of the lids) contain BPA.

Would I do it again?

I AM going to do it again.  And again and again.  I’m heading to Bali in a few days, but once I get home I’m going to buy a second freezer and prepare even more food even further in advance.  Freezer cooking FTW.


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