A Month of Blogging

The Thinker Statue - Thinking About Blogging

Statue of a man having a hard time thinking about what to write on his blog.

One month of blogging complete!

Man that was a lot of work. I’ll keep this post short because I’m just a couple hours from my end of the month deadline as I write this, and don’t quite as much to say about blogging as I’ve had to say about everything else.

Have I enjoyed blogging?

Yes and no. It’s nice to get my thoughts out on “paper”, to have my experiences recorded so I won’t forget them, and think that people are going to read them & might enjoy them. It’s also nice to create something (whether it’s a blog or something else, it’s just enjoyable to create).

And yet blogging has also been somewhat frustrating because my brain doesn’t seem to have a knack for it. I can handle technical writing no problem, but the closer I get to “creative” writing, the more my brain gets all gummed up. If anything I’ve written so far this month sounds somewhat coherent or fluent so far this month it most likely didn’t come out that way at first.

This month has involved a lot of writer’s block and banging my head against walls, computers, my own knees, etc. BUT at times the words come easier, and regardless of the process, it’s nice to read through the final version of a post and click “publish”.

There’s more to blogging than simply writing though. There’s the writing, and then there’s all the technical & promotion stuff. Both aspects, at least for this first month, have been equally time-consuming and tedious (haven’t done much promotion yet, but that can come later).

Now that I’ve got most of the technical setup finished (the graphic design can still use some work, I know), I should be able to focus primarily on writing & promotion.

Will I continue blogging? Yep. Not necessarily right up to the day I kick the bucket, but for the time being, I’ll keep this blog up to date.

I won’t try giving you advice on how to blog here since I’m sure you’ll be able to find better resources elsewhere online (but if you have any questions then by all means ask away in the comments).

Now that you’ve read a bit of my babbling, what do YOU think – what should I change or improve? Does my writing make you want to stick pencils in your eyes? Does the graphic design make you throw up in your mouth a little? Criticize me!

PS: Next month (starting tomorrow) I’m going to be starting each day with a walk in a forest (at least 6 days a week – maybe 7). Looking forward to spending that time without a screen 1 inch from my nose!


  1. says

    I think the graphics of your blog is decent enough and the only part that you might need to focus more is writing more posts about the projects. I even think you might be able to take on two projects each month. You can pick a smaller one next to the main project you do so it won’t take much time. Some of the projects you’ve taken on so far have been exactly what I’d had in mind to start for myself and its great to be able to read about it here beforehand.

    You didn’t really get into the technical side of blogging here and I believe that its the write thing here but I’m interested in how you got the word out about your blog. Would it be asking too much to know about how your visitors grew since that day you started blogging?

    • Justin says

      Thanks for the input. To answer your question, over the past month this blog has received an average of 23.9 visits per day (21.4 unique visitors per day). I haven’t done much to promote the blog, which is probably one reason why the traffic has remained low.

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