A Month of a Morning Routine

For February I decided to start every morning with a standard routine. The idea was that if I started the day on the right foot (rather than by grabbing my phone and checking my email) I’d be more likely to spend the rest of the day on the right feet also.  Long story short: it worked. I found that the morning routine helped me to have a more clear mind and to be more effective throughout the day.

Care to see the morning routine that I came up with, and am still doing most mornings?  Here what it is currently (with a couple steps left out):

  1. Make bed
  2. Open curtains
  3. Turn on grow lights for plants
  4. Get dressed
  5. Make protein shake
  6. Water bamboo
  7. Walk outside & take a couple breaths of fresh air
  8. Drink shake / bathroom
  9. Meditate 15-30 min
  10. 3 minutes of Sat Kriya
  11. A couple minutes of exercise (usually just some air squats)
  12. Review my writing from the previous night
  13. Review my to-do list & decide on the most important thing to accomplish during the day
  14. Set alarms for all appointments for the day

I also started a night routine which made my morning easier. Here’s it is:

  1. “Check-in” if I haven’t done it yet (a process I learned on the Inner Journey Seminar)
  2. Clean apartment
  3. Put out protein shake materials for the next morning
  4. Put out water for bamboo for the next morning
  5. Fill humidifier
  6. Brush & floss
  7. Put out meditation cushion for the next morning
  8. 15 minutes writing (a therapy assignment)
  9. Lay out clothes for the next day
  10. Plug in cell phone

And that’s it!  The morning and night routines continue.

I listened to two audio books during the month about morning routines, neither of which I recommend.  One was The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  It’s 90% fluff and cheesy pump-yourself-up motivation-style self help.  I have to give that book the credit for giving me the idea to start a morning routine though – if it hadn’t caught my eye while I was browsing through Amazon I wouldn’t have done a morning routine for February.  The other book was Daily Rituals – How Artists Work by Mason Currey.  It’s simply an explanation of the routines of various artists, none which I found applicable to my own life, so I quit about half way through this book.  Most Amazon reviewers seem to think highly of both of those books, but I didn’t.

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