A Change

I’m making a change: I’m going to start posting even less on this blog than I already do.  Here’s why:

  • I don’t like the narcissistic “Hey look at me!” aspect of this blog
  • This blog is usually not up to date, which results in a nagging guilt in the back of my mind.  It’ll be nice to let that go.
  • I don’t think anyone I know reads this blog regularly, and I don’t see much point in communicating the details of my life to faceless ghosts on the internet.  Does the internet actually care to hear all about my experience learning to swing dance last month?  I don’t think so.
  • Most of my time at work and too much of my free time is spent staring at a computer screen.  I’d like to reduce my screen time.

I will continue to write occasional blog posts, but with these conditions:

  1. I’ll only write a a few bullet points about most of my monthly projects.  And I’ll write about multiple months in a single blog post.  I think I’ll aim for doing an update roughly every 6 months, containing short bullet points for each monthly project.
  2. I’ll write longer blog posts only if I think they’ll benefit readers, or if I think writing will help me to clarify my own thoughts (it has in the past) , or if I feel a strong urge to write about some topic.

Since I’m writing a blog post right now, I might as well do an update on my latest projects.  Here goes:

June: Belief Change

  • I started doing a multi-month belief-change course called “Self Mastery” from PathwayToHappiness.com
  • “Belief Change” is about changing self-limiting beliefs.  There are a lot of hokey and ineffective belief-change exercises out there.
  • I’ve gotten value from the course.  It has helped me to become more aware of how little awareness & control I have of my thoughts & their effects on me.  It has helped me take steps to start changing that (long slow process).

July: A Secret

August: Pranayama

  • Pranayama is a collection of yogic breathing techniques.
  • I decided to try it after a meditation teacher that I met in Indonesia told me that Pranayama had a significantly positive effect on her meditation.
  • I didn’t notice any positive effects from Pranayama so am no longer doing it.

September: West Coast Swing

  • For a short while many years ago, I took salsa dancing lessons but couldn’t stand the music.  Ever since then, I’ve wished that there was some type of dancing done to music that I liked and actually felt like dancing to.
  • Recently I discovered a type of swing dancing called “West Coast Swing” which is usually done to normal modern music that I like.  Amazing!  Too bad West Coast Swing isn’t better known.  I’ve enjoyed the lessons and am continuing with them.
  • Here’s a video of an international West Coast Swing flash mob that was published yesterday.

September: Wilderness Solitude (Yes, I did 2 new things in September)

  • I went on 4-day/3-night canoe trip alone in Algonquin Park and did not see other people.
  • It was a psychological challenge, and at the end I felt like I’d passed an important test.  I may do more solo camping in the future.

Next post coming sometime next year.


  1. Elizabeth says

    I know your not updating this blog anymore but I’m really enjoying reading your posts here.
    Greetings from Scotland!

  2. Sam says

    I just read the ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin, started working on month long projects and decided I would do a Vipassana retreat which brought me to your blog. I like all of your posts. I spent many years living in Indonesia and have travelled widely through India. Anyhow, it’s a shame you have stopped posting.

  3. says

    love this concept. I am one of those people who also enjoys trying new things, so it’s cool to see how you’ve made it an integral part of your life. I only read a couple of posts so far, I got here because I wanted to hear more about the vipassana retreat which I am planning to attend soon, but I might just go off to my cabin in the woods by myself for 2 weeks instead…being alone is being alone, right? and I think that’s the premise of Vipassana…it’s supposed to simulate being alone, with the added bonus of having food prepared and the videos and access to teachers. I’m just not sure I can handle the sitting still part. I have really bad joint problems, and if i don’t move, I am in agony. Walking meditation or lying down or alternating…that’s much more doable for me. Anyway, thanks for sharing your adventures! -Lori

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