My name is Justin.

Every month I do something new that I haven’t done before.  Some of those things I write about, and some I don’t.  I also share my thoughts on other random topics.

A Short History

In February 2012 I watched this video of Matt Cutts’ TED talk which inspired me to start doing something new each month:

I started in March by doing every CrossFit workout for that month… and have been doing something new each month ever since.

The “new thing” that I chose for August 2012 was to start this blog & write about what I’ve done over the past months.

That month of blogging was a success, so for the next few years I subjected the world to my drivel on a monthly basis.

In 2015 I decided I’d had enough of blogging, for reasons described here.

In 2020 (almost 5 years later) I decided to start writing again.  Not every month, and not only about the new things I’m doing.

The drivel continues.